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This is your guide to Chappells-web. To the left: buttons to take you to some of our websites. To the right: buttons to a Chappells Google Start Page and special bonus sites. Above: menu of major sections of this website. Below: descriptions of the major sections. Farther below: links to still more destinations on Chappells-web. Inside: lots of stuff, especially in the Ancestry section. As they say, "Enjoy!"

Weblog: Catch up on Chappell goings-on and ruminations.
Ancestry: Read up on Chappell genealogy.
Photos: A portal to various online Chappell photo collections.
Reviews: What people say about the Chappells Website.
Wedding: Steve and Kathie's wedding website, November 5, 2005. A must see!
Contact: Send a message to Chappells.

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