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Got up too early this morning

The trainer said, “I’ll put you through your pesos for 15 pounds.” I said, “Eurovercharging me.” He said, “I never want to C-note you a yen.” What is all this noncents?

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End of an Era

So it’s official today. After 11 years, my leland account at Stanford has finally been de-activated. The sponsorship I got from the advising department that kept it alive after my second graduation expired yesterday. So if you send email to, it will bounce. If you try to look at the website,, you get “Access forbidden”. Of course, I hadn’t updated that website for years, but it’s still sad to see “Steve’s Not Yet Spiffy Website” go. I’ll probably repost it on my fieldapps website or somewhere when I have some time to be historical and sentimental.

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China Grade

So Kathie and I decided to go camping in Big Basin over the weekend (yes, in the rain). It was a blast. We learned just what level of grade you can pitch a tent on and still be comfortable. We learned how much “kindling” really is “included”. We learned that my hair really doesn’t let go of campfire smell. And I learned what coyote shit looks like (near miss…whew).

So after we had a nice hike to a cute little waterfall Sunday morning, we started heading out of the park and I decided we should lunch at China Grade. Well I remembered exactly where China Grade road was, but couldn’t find the spot. On the third mis-trek into the bush, I called Dad and asked if he could give any hints. He got us up farther to the top and we managed to find it from there. The rock’s still there. The face is still the same. Though any path that may have taken you from the rock to the face is totally overgrown, you basically have to go back to the road to get between the two. Unfortunately, I had forgotten a camera so there aren’t any pictures of the weekend, but I thought I’d offer up a couple more landmarks for anyone trying to find this spot.

Once on China Grade Rd it’s long ways up the mountain. You’ll pass Trey’s Ranch on your right. You’ll then pass a triple madrona (3 trees basically growing out of same spot) on your left. Then look for two wooden posts (6″ × 6″ x 2 ft tall) that mark an entrance to a “trail” on left. Park there (just room for one car). Just to the right of the “trail” you can go up to the rock. Or follow the “trail” (a bit overgrown) to get down to face.

Good fun.

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