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Holcom Park

March 30, 2019

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Lawrence, Kansas has several parks and one of them is Holcom Park. It’s the nearest park to our house. We got acquainted with it shortly after taking up residence in Lawrence in 1983. It’s weird, when I see “1983” it doesn’t strike me as very long ago. Yet, it’s long enough for the kids to grow up and become older now than I was when we moved to Lawrence. Anyway, as the kids were growing up we went to Holcom often. Sometimes it would be a picnic, sometimes tennis, soccer, frisbees, kites. There were baseball games outside and occasional indoor activites in the recreation center.

This evening on the TV news it was reported that Lawrence police had made arrests in connection with the shooting of two Lawrence teenagers outside the recreation center at Holcom Park. That got me thinking about years past. If one of the kids would have said, “I’m going over to Holcom to play tennis” or, “I’m meeting some friends to play basketball at the Holcom rec center”, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. It certainly wouldn’t have occurred to me to say, “Okay, don’t forget to take your gun for self-defense!”

Times change.

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More Re-Design Progress

April 29, 2017

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More updated pages have come online in pursuit of making the Chappell Family website “mobile-friendly“. Practically every page that has a link on the Ancestry page has now been updated. I’ve applied a new “responsive” theme to the blog. Its appearance isn’t too far off from the basic design of the website, but as time goes by I expect I’ll tweak it or possibly design an all-new theme. The one now in use is a free pre-fab theme I downloaded from WordPress and then customized a bit. Some sections of the website haven’t been tackled yet, and I’ve noticed a number of broken links. This is quite a project. Does anybody remember when our website was launched? The domain name was registered in 2003, in 2004. The Chappell Family Blog saw its first post on March 30, 2004. The original idea was for it to be a place for family members to share news and photos. It was ahead of its time, pre-dating Facebook by several years. But, it didn’t quite catch on like Facebook did.

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April 26, 2017

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This is first post from mobile phone. Not bad at all to work with. So, the re-design is coming along. There sure are a lot of pages here, not to mention the blog! If I may be so bold, I think the resulting mobile view of the site is rather nice. Looking forward to getting it done.

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