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No Juice

August 17, 2019


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Big booming thunderstorm last night that took out the electricity around 1:00 a.m. When I called it in on their no humans automated tell us about your power outage number the robot said they’d have it back on around 5:00 a.m. That didn’t happen. Nor did it happen at 7:00 a.m. nor 10:00 a.m. nor noon nor 3:00 p.m. According to their website, the outage area was basically just our neighborhood, the only area in Lawrence that was down, only 129 customers without power. Hmmph. So we took off in the car to go to a movie but I forgot to take a long sleeve shirt in case the theater was too cold. Turned around and went back to the house and the power was back on. Lesson learned. When the power goes out, just leave for a few minutes and come back.

The movie we saw was was the new Lion King. Pretty blah except for the animation which was incredible. It was like watching real animals (except they talked) in real landscape. Visually, it was a fantastic movie.

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It’s an Anniversary

August 6, 2019


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I think it’s worth mentioning that John and Becky, who were married August 7, 1971, will mark 48 years of marriage to each other tomorrow. During that time they brought up Stephen and Kimberly, a couple of incredible individuals. Besides producing and raising their children, John and Becky have, um, well, done little else of note, other than remaining married this long which, in itself, is noteworthy and commendable. Good job!

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Happy Birthday Jo

August 4, 2019


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Her birthday was August 2, 1923. She would have been 96 on Friday if still with us. She died in 1988, age 65, way too early. David, her husband for a few decades, was born August 10, 1925. He’ll be 94 in a few days assuming he’s with us a little longer. Here’s a picture of Jo the flight attendant. I have the approximate year somewhere but will have to add that later. It was before she and Dave married in 1947. She went to work as an engineer at Curtis Wright in 1943 designing planes. Wow, would’ve been only 20 at the time. What an incredible woman.

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