It’s Almost Thanksgiving ?!!

ALMOST Thanksgiving? Might as well BE Thanksgiving. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the universe is undergoing time compression at an accelerated rate. Sure, it’s slow enough you don’t notice it from day to day. It’s like your kids growing up. They look the same today as they did yesterday, but suddenly you realize they’re a whole lot different from a year ago. You have be like grandparents to experience the shock effect of the difference between grandchildren today and the last time you saw them. “Oh, my! How you’ve grown!”

Anyway, there’s no dispute about Fall (Autumn) being here, as far as I can tell. Here in the Midwest it’s relatively mild. Last weekend was like late Spring, temperature in 70’s. This past week I think I recall temps in the low 40’s around sunup. Oh, that doesn’t look right. Is it sun-up? I’m sure it’s sundown, not sun-down. Can’t possibly be sunnup. Let’s call it dawn.

I just finished upgrading all the blogs (Attorney, Chappells, BlackStar, Bandolero) to latest WordPress version. The HarpShot blog is automatically updated since it’s a WordPress account blog. Bandolero’s Blog was down all day due to some problem at the host (DreamHost). Later tonight the database is supposed to get consolidated onto the same database server as other databases associated with other websites I have on DreamHost. I posted a new article on Bandolero’s Blog, as well as adding Chapter 2 to the Bandolero Memoirs. I fired off emails to all the porn sites that idiot opened accounts on with my bandolero gmail address. They haven’t had any effect yet.

KU Football has turned into a bust. Fortunately, KU Basketball looks like the real deal. First time in a long time I haven’t felt like their initial ranking (#1) was a tad (or more) higher than reality.

I did some searching on CraigsList and other things for potential California employers. I guess the next thing to do would be actually contacting some of them. In fact, I should be writing letters instead of blogging, eh?

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