Must Be Spring I Guess

Settled in front of TV to watch KU v K State Big 12 Championship final game on TV and suddenly wafting through the air from outdoors came “ding-ding, ding-ding, ding-ding”. Yep, ice cream truck. Even if I’d wanted some genuine ice cream truck treats, I couldn’t have got to the street in time, as I’m hobbling around with a major herniated lumbar disk and broken ankle. Uh-huh, x-ray showed there was a little more to the Christmas sprain than just a sprain. Got a bone chip in there someplace. Besides the ankle x-ray, got MRI’s of both cervical and lumbar spine. Cervical was essentially unchanged from a few years ago, which is to say, addled with arthritis. Of course the ankle and spine issues have nothing to do with how it must be spring.

Earlier in the month, Becky’s back was one of the issues impeding a family March visit either to Kansas or to California. Her back got a bit improved after a few hundred dollars worth of physical therapy, and then she came down with a sinus infection. They’ve never done MRI on her back, for some reason. We’re pondering whether the new bed we bought last year is causing the back problems. Already the mattress sags in the middle, we roll to the middle and bump into each other all night. It was an expensive one, supposed to last somewhat longer than this, but we’re thinking of putting the old mattress back on the bed. Yeah, we still have it, of course.

Score at the moment: 27 to 24 in favor of KU.

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