Starsky & Hutch

We had a little wine with our anniversary dinner (mmm, steak!) at J. B. Stout’s. The plan had been to see I, Robot afterwards, but we were running a little late, so we went to Hastings instead to grab some DVD’s. Ahem. So, last night for anniversary entertainment we watched Along Came Polly. Not exactly academy award material. And tonight we watched Starsky & Hutch. It’s unanimous. We both unequivocally recommend that everyone bypass this movie entirely; unless for the purpose of screening nominations for worst movie ever made. I can’t say it’s the worst, though. There was one a while back, I remember, that we actually yanked out of the player after about 10 minutes. I don’t remember what it was. This one, however, we only fast-forwarded so as to reduce the length of torture. Wanna know the third one we rented? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It didn’t seem like that much wine!


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Oil and Gas Attorney Blog

Phase Two is now in place in the form of the Oil & Gas Attorney Blog. What was Phase One, you ask? Well, until recently, Chappells.Biz was located in a subdirectory of the Oil & Gas Attorney – John Chappell website . So, Phase One was moving Chappells.Biz from the iVersit server that provides web hosting for the John Chappell Attorney website to the AffordableHost server that now provides web hosting for Chappells.Biz (as well as Graphic Design by Kim Chappell). Thusly, the blogspace formerly occupied by the Chappells Blog at JChap.Com became available for occupancy by the Oil & Gas Attorney Blog.

But, why two blogs, you ask? Oh, several reasons. Possibly the most interesting (to webmaster types) is the theory that blogs tend to move up on search results pages. It used to be that the John Chappell Attorney website came up No. 1 if you were searching for “oil and gas attorney”. That changed after November of last year, when a certain search engine changed its search algorithms, and now the site only makes it, on a good day, to about No. 16 or so, which is on the second page of results. The Chappells website (including the blog) was hidden from search engines while occupying a subdirectory of my site, because I felt it was inappropriate to have it indexed by search engines as part of my attorney site. Now, Chappells.Biz stands on its own, and I can go ahead and have the Chappell Lawyer Blog indexed as part of the attorney website. Theoretically, it should pull the whole site up in the search rankings.

Isn’t this all just fascinating? I knew you’d think so! :boggled:

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Time for a Ride

August 6, 2004

General, Politics

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Heck, not much to report. Hate to keep talking about the weather, but it looks like we’ve left stupid hot behind for a few days. They’re predicting near record low tonight, and 80’s for foreseeable daytimes. Maybe I should try to get the gas tank back on the Honda 360 and take Becky for an anniversary ride Saturday. :moped: Top down on Miata, at least! Let’s see, this’ll be 33 years! :heartbeat: Incredible. She hardly even looks that old, much less married that long!

I was about resigned to Kerry, but now his theory seems to be I should vote for him ’cause he’s a war hero. He’s played it up to the point I’m ready to puke. Whether he’s a hero seems to depend on what the definition of “hero” is. Or maybe what the definition of “is” is.

I wish either one of them could talk as good as Bubba. Regardless of all else, Bill had a gift of gab. A few reporters actually had the gumption to suggest he was the high point of the convention. I thought so. I’d take him over Kerry. Or Bush, for that matter. How depressing is that?


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