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For various reasons, I hardly read a newspaper any more. One of the reasons is the general quality of the Lawrence Journal-World (a/k/a Lawrence Journal-Rag); another is the local media monopoly held by the World Company which owns the Lawrence paper, bought out the other papers such as Baldwin Ledger, and owns the cable TV service. I’m just philosophically disposed to boycott to the extent possible. But there are occasions when the LJW is a handy read, and sometimes I even spot something that strikes a chord. Such was the case this evening, although it was actually yesterday’s paper. The July 12 syndicated column (requires registration) by Leonard Pitts, Jr., “winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for commentary”, a columnist for the Miami Herald, was generally about where technology has actually brought us now that we’ve reached the future that was hyped in the 50’s and 60’s. He pondered a $3200 internet ready refigerator with TV in door that he spotted at a store. His concluding remark struck one of those chords: “Sometimes, you’ve just got to let the future go on without you.”

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Dog Days of Summer

Wow, 97 degrees with a heat index around 107. :tired:

Driving to KC at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning for a client meeting wasn’t bad at all. Driving home at 4 p.m. was bad. The Miata has decent A/C so it wasn’t unbearable. But if you spent more’n a few minutes outside you were soaked with sweat.

Sure was a terrific visit with Stephen and Kathie. I thought it was relaxed and natural. Becky felt the same. Hope our guests shared the “untensity”. From what you see in TV and movies, “meeting the parents” is a big nerve-wracking deal, but it felt (for the parents, at least) like we’d already done that a long time ago and this was just a normal visit. I don’t think anybody got too embarrassed by anything, which is actually pretty outstanding since I can usually do something Becky finds embarrassing regardless of milieu. She’s my compass but I’m subject to influence of solar flares or something like that. :bonk:

Now we’re primed for Kimberly’s visit. This is shaping up as a memorable summer! :happy:

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Just Too Busy!

After a week or so of unseasonably cool and wet weather, we’ve now settled into good old Kansas heat and humidity. Just in time for Stephen and Kathie’s visit.

Haven’t had a chance to read a newspaper, so don’t know of any news to comment about. I guess Kerry got smart and skipped Gephart in favor of Edwards. I could maybe go along with that. Will have to think seriously about George and Dick. After all, it’s not so much the individuals as it is the system they bring to bear, and I have a hard time abandoning the Republican system. On the other hand, as I approach sunset years with no retirement funds, I begin to think that more government entitlements, especially for seniors, would be a good thing. What else in the news? Some 19 year old guy was killed when a train ran over him. He was naked and tied to the tracks with baling wire. The police were investigating it as a “suspicious” death. Yeah, I would think so.

Got the left side of the Miata re-painted, courtesy of Amica insurance and a parking lot vandal who doesn’t like when people have a nice looking car, I guess. The body shop, Auto Accents, here in Lawrence, seems to have done a good job. It’s owned by a relative of Jimmy Vantuyl whom I’ve known since 1970. Jimmy has a used car lot here in Lawrence — Vantuyl Motors. I’ve never actually bought a car from him, though.

Heck, I really wish I had something better to write about. Maybe tomorrow.


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