June 5, 2004


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I scored some tickets to the annual Jazzoo gala in Kansas City, so Friday night Becky and I had a date. Jazzoo is a “creative black tie” affair to raise money for the Kansas City Zoo, and it’s held at the zoo. Now in its 15th year, it has become quite a social event. The cheapest tickets are $150. Fortunately, my good clients at La Parrilla gave me the tickets. La Parrilla and its sibling restaurant, Zen Zero, had booths at Jazzoo, along with about 80 other top KC area restaurants. It made for a lot of good eating while walking around to listen to live music in four venues. The “big name” was Martha and the Vandellas, wahoo. One of the acts was a Beatles impersonation which, amazingly, wasn’t too bad. The weather was perfect and an almost full moon accompanied our midnight drive back to Lawrence.Becky
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Indy 500 Day

May 30, 2004


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Indy 500 day. :driving: My excuse for not helping Becky with housework. When I was a kid, I’d listen to the race on the radio with my dad, working on sports cars in the garage on Missouri Bottom Road in Hazelwood, MO. It was called the Auto Grotto. Later I became a dad and sometimes Stephen and I would listen to it on the radio in the back yard playing catch, or painting, or sometimes watch it on TV. Now I don’t have any guys around to share the race with. It’s different. But it still works for getting out of housework. Somehow, not very satisfying. :blush:

Wow, she’s throwing out a lot of stuff! :duck:

The least I could do is work on some of the files I brought home from the office. But every time I sit down in front of the computer I end up messing with WordPress, or reading news articles, or toying with that website I’m working on for Jeffrey’s friends.

Speaking of tornadoes, they mostly all landed to the east of us in Missouri last night. The TV stations were running continuous weather reports instead of regular programming, but the weather here in Kansas never developed. Some pretty impressive stuff in the next state, though! Some flooding, too. :boat:

As you can see, I’m having some fun with the smileys. Okay, that’s it! I’m going to think of something productive to do now! :scratchin:

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John’s Blog

May 29, 2004


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I think it’s time to acknowledge that the “family” blog is a failed experiment. I plan to keep posting articles for fun and posterity. Plus, it’ll be handy if anybody asks me, “What’ve ya been up to?” Answer: “Check the blog.” However, it’s clear the family at large has little interest in this form of communication. Two members actually sent me explanations of why they would not participate. Some hopes and notions I entertained have been laid to rest, and I’m content to move on. For me, it wasn’t all about the blog, of course. It was a metaphor with a mission, but now it is just a blog.

Comments remain open, naturally. It was ironic (indeed, gratifying!) to see three new comments this evening as I was contemplating the future of the blog. If anybody wants to set up their own blog, I’ll be glad to offer advice, and there are cool things like RSS feeds and aggregators that can tie blogs together (although I’m not quite up to speed on such snazzy features yet).

John :shrug:

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