Some Geiss Relatives

May 16, 2004


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Here we have Becky’s sister, Judy and her daughter Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s baby, Joseph. Then we have Becky’s sister, Sherri and her daughters, Katie and Cassie. Becky took this picture yesterday at Sherri’s home in Kansas City.Judy, Joseph, Elizabeth, Sherri, Katie and Cassie
This is Sherri’s other daughter, Karina, age 8. Karina, legally, is Sherri’s stepsister, since Sherri’s stepmother, Louise, adopted Karina. Louise married George (Becky, Judy and Sherri’s father) after he divorced their mother, Evelyn. George died in 1993. Evelyn lives in Ottawa, Kansas. Louise lives in Utah.Karina

And today, I not only mowed the darn yard, but also changed the oil in the Miata and the Saturn. It was a very nice day, weather-wise. Sat out back in the lawn chair between chores and blew a few tunes on the harp!

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Another Week

May 15, 2004


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Another week in the bin. Cinnamon got her annual checkup and shots. The vet says she doesn’t look 13 years old. I’d agree, nor does she act it. I still call her “puppy”.

Things keep piling up at the office. The old saying holds true: The hurrier I go the behinder I get. So, I tried to quit hurrying. I’m still just as far behind, but the world hasn’t ended.

I’ve been asked to do a website. Could this could be a new path? It’s certainly more fun than writing legal pleadings.

Typical Kansas weather. Last weekend it was exactly like December in San Francisco. Yesterday it was exactly like June in Aspen. Today was just a terrific Kansas spring day. Becky went to Kansas City to visit her sister, Judy. I hung around the house and mostly killed the day at the computer. Tomorrow: MOW! :blat:


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Mother’s Day

click for larger imageWell, the Father (that’s me) didn’t do much to make it a memorable Mother’s Day for Becky. As anticipated, I mowed the back yard. And I did a few little things during the day. But the day-maker was the beautiful bouquet of flowers that came by delivery – a surprise from Stephen and Kimberly. It made her day! Excellent, kids!

click for larger imageAs promised in an earlier article, here’s a picture of the Singer foot powered sewing machine.

click for larger image With the back yard freshly mowed, Cinnamon took some time to rest in the shade. In case it’s not obvious, you can click these thumbnail pictures to see the bigger version.

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