Happy Birthday Floye

April 15, 2004


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Jeffrey reports that Floye Ardrey will be celebrating her 93rd birthday this Sunday (April 18) at her son Bob’s house in Perkins, Oklahoma. I think her birthday is actually April 19. Those of us who can’t attend in person will certainly be thinking about Floye and what she means to us. I’ve been guilty of not telling her enough how much I love and respect her, and of not letting her know how often I really do think about her. She’s an inspiration to anyone who would strive to lead a “good life” in the Aristotelian sense, and yet she would be the first to protest that she possessed exemplary qualities. If everybody had even half her wisdom and character, the world would be a heck of a lot better place.

Floye and Clifton ArdreyI found this picture of Floye and Clifton in one of the boxes of stuff in Dad’s garage last Christmas.
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Blog Rush

April 6, 2004


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The rush to post stories, insights and opinions on the Chappell Family Blog has nearly overwhelmed the website’s servers, but so far we’re weathering the deluge.

Here in Kansas spring leapt upon us the weekend of March 27. You could tell by the way the last holdouts of brown grass all turned green overnight and started growing so fast you could see the difference between sunup and sundown. I should’ve mowed it this weekend. Everybody else mowed theirs, except for our neighbors on both sides, so we’re not the scourge of the neighborhood yet. The ChemLawn people stopped by to present their plan for getting rid of all the weeds. Only $47 per treatment. I asked how much for a plan to get rid of all the grass, too. They didn’t have one. I gave her the Watchtower the Jehovah’s Witnesses left earlier and told her to have a nice day.

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Lottery Winners!!!

April 1, 2004


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Yeeeeee-haw! We just hit the Kansas lottery for $600,000.00! So what if it wasn’t the grand prize of $3.5 million, we’ll take it! First thing is that Becky can quit work. Second thing is, maybe I will, too. Or not. Heck, I don’t know. I’m too excited to think straight. Maybe take that trip to England and check on the relatives over there.

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