“Dutchie” was (is) the brattiest little brother I have. He’s also the best one ever. He can make me laugh and make me cry. He can throw me in the pool and not get in trouble. He can be thrown into the pool and not be angry. Steve, as some of you may recall, cannot throw me in the pool and not get into trouble. Ask him about it sometime. Dougie and I had fun adventures when we were young, including trail rides on Honey and Charlie (he hated it), tree climbing competitions, BMX races, mud fights, and hours in front of the TV playing Tetris and watching Voltron. Then I became a screwy teenager…then he was a screwy teenager…then we both grew personalities and now we’re good friends again, which is good, because he and his wife Rebecca have two of the cutest darn kids on the planet, and if he and I didn’t get along I’d just have to steal the kids instead of visit. He still doesn’t always listen, but what little brother does? He’s happy just playing in the dirt (he IS his father’s son…) and growing corn, alfalfa, kids, and tomatoes. I love him dearly and wouldn’t trade him or any minute we’ve spent for anything you could offer.

Hillary: Co-Maid of Honor. Check her out on the Bride's Wedding Party page.

Jennifer isn’t with us any more in the flesh, but I carry her with me in my heart wherever I go. She’ll be there on the wedding day. Look for her, you may just see her in my tears, but more likely you’ll see her in my smile.