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Sister Kimberly

Kim at Kim's Restaurant

Kim at Kim's

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Uncle Jeffrey & Stephen

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Uncle Miles

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Grandpa Dave

The Ancestry Page of the Chappell Family Website follows kinfolk back England in 1720.

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Chappell Family Website


Kimberly – As most older siblings can say about their younger ones, I’ve known Kimmie all her life (btw – if you’re not related to her, you probably shouldn’t call her Kimmie or Kimbo or Kimbutt … trust me). Believe it or not, we have always gotten along perfectly and been the best of friends and we’ve never fought about anything. Yeah, ok, so you should’ve chosen “not”. It’s true. At some point we stopped being the cute, wonderful siblings who napped next to each other sucking our respective thumbs. Ask her about the fork and the stool if you get a chance. But then something magical happened when I moved out of the house and we started getting along again. Somehow we’ve become really good friends. We even lived together in SF for a while. I have to say that I’m very proud of my sister and I’m very proud that we’re such good friends. And even though I haven’t shown it at times, Kim is very important to me and I’m really happy that she’ll be standing up front with Kathie and me on our important day (even if she is in a dress and not a tux – sorry).


Uncle Jeffrey is a world-renowned classical and jazz pianist/composer. Go to his website. He has very generously agreed to grace our ears with some of his music during our ceremony – on a real piano, that will be tuned prior to his arrival. He’s also a pretty incredible person in addition to his musical virtuoso. He rocks.

Aunt Jessica is a world-renowned red-haired freak. She found me one of my first internships during college, and if you’ve ever wondered where those incredibly comfy couches I have came from… Jessica will also be sporting our first Chappell-side cousin at the wedding – still wrapped, most likely, but just barely. She’s also a pretty stellar person. She rocks.

Uncle Miles is a world-renowned Honda 600 specialist. Go to his website. He’s also managed to get someone to pay him to pick locks. I don’t think he’ll be working on cars or picking locks at the wedding, but in case of emergency, I’m glad he’ll be there. He’s also a pretty cool person. He rocks.

Uncle Dave (as my grandfather likes to be called – I guess it sounds better than Dumpa) is a world-renowned aeronautical engineer and model airplane builder. Go to his website. He’s helped make the aviation world safer and designed a lot of cool stuff – including straight wing models (no dihedral) that fly perfectly. He’s also a pretty amazing person. He rocks.