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Charlotte (Chappell) Clark

Actually, none of these pictures was labelled, but we're pretty certain they are of Jesse's mother, Charlotte. Charlotte's parents were Aaron Chappell and Mary Mizen. Charlotte's siblings were: Jemima (born 1838), Aaron (born 1840), Louisa (born 1842), Ezra (born 1844), Eunice (born 1847), and William (born 1851). Her sister, Eunice, married Jonah Cook, and had the following children: Walter Henry Cook (born 1869), Jesse Cook (born 1871), Fanny Cook (born 1873), Louisa Cook (born 1876), Jane Cook (born 1879) and Fredrick Percy Cook (born 1881). We have this letter written in 1900 by Louisa (a/k/a "Louie") Cook to her cousin Jesse Chappell (Charlotte's son), and two later letters written August 4, 1930 and Dec. 21, 1930.

Charlotte Clark

Charlotte Clark, Jesse's mother, date unknown.

This 1932 letter was dictated by Charlotte and written by her niece, Bessie. In her last years, Charlotte had lost her sight and was housebound. Bessie lived with her and took care of her.

Charlotte and George Clark

Charlotte and husband, George Clark?

Charlotte Clark

A later picture of Jesse's mother, Charlotte Clark.


Funeral Card

Charlotte died February 14, 1933.


Mrs. G. Boulton would be Jesse's niece, Bessie, Charlie's daughter. Mr. F. Chappell is probably Fred who, along with Harry Chappell, were Jesse's nephews, also Charlie's children. Charlie was one of Jesse's brothers.