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Chappell Family Photos

The above slide shows are "private" albums at Chappell Famly Google Photos: John & Jeff: the Early Years and Chappells 1950s.
Chappell Famly Public Photo Gallery.
John's (HarpShot's) Photo Gallery at Flickr.
Steve's (Punster's) Public Photo Gallery.
John's Public Photo Gallery.
Steve & Kathie Wedding Album at the Steve & Kathie Wedding Website.
John & Becky Wedding Photos.
China Grade Memorial at HarpShot's Website.
China Grade Album at Chappell Family Google Photo Gallery.
Cinnamon Album a la PhotoShop Elements at Chappell Family Website.
Cinnamon Album a la Picasa at Chappell Family Website.
Cinnamon Album at HarpShot's Flickr Gallery
Kim's 26th Birthday at Chappell Family Website.
Dave's Planes & Things at Chappell Family Website.
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