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This website is very controversial. Either you love it or you hate it, or you think it's okay. -- Stephen Wright's twin brother

If this website were a dance, it would be disco. -- Arthur Murray

There's just one word for this, and that word is 'peregrination'. -- Noah Webster

Only 600 customers for one model of a car? How could Honda survive in the business? -- Consumer Reports

Stephen's not yet spiffy website is not yet my favorite part of this. -- former girlfriend

Rinky-Dink, Inc. may be just the cure for what ails you. But it could be a placebo. -- Dr. Andrew Weill

If this website were a liqueur, it would be green chartreuse. -- The Alcoholics Anonymous Chronicle

All of the Chappell ancestors -- and I've asked them, believe me -- are jolly well impressed with it, except Cousin Obadiah from Glowchestersheer-on-the-Slug wants to know why he wasn't on the list, don't horse thieves get any respect? -- John Edwards

I can't figure this out. -- Albert Einstein

Chappell's piano playing second only to Chappell's harping. -- Harmonica Digest

The Jeffrey Chappell websty is indubitably the chef d'oeuvre of the lot. I even might prefer it to an hors d'oeuvre. -- Miss Piggy

Webmaster John Chappell proves again that the world was his oyster, but he was a vegetarian. -- John Lennon

You could get rich from this. This, and a real estate empire. -- Suze Orman

All seriousness aside, I love this website. -- Jeffrey Chappell

If this website were a tree, it would be family. -- Genealogy Annual Review

Numerous elves have codified and laundered this, while Doris Day said that 'it is well-known that there belongs no cookbook whatsoever touching on the mountain climbing sacraments.' -- Mad Libs, 'Detailed Technical Experience' edition

Now I know where to buy oil pumps sleeved in brass for fifty bucks. -- Van Cliburn

As a lawyer, John Chappell makes a great webmaster. -- Sandra Day O'Connor

Verilog? Altera? Java? Perl? Those are sci-fi characters, not languages. What does Stanford teach those kids? I bet Master's Degree Stephen can't even say 'Bonjour'. -- Noam Chomsky

It wouldn't kill you to take a few minutes to visit But why risk it? -- Phyllis Diller is a wonderful website. It really made me wonder. -- Carl Sagan

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