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Jesse William Chappell

1930 postcard from Jesse Ezra's nephew Jesse, third from right in second row (there's a small "x" just above his head). The following information was provided by his daughter, Shirley Lewis: Jesse William Chappell was born 29th April 1908 at Goose Green, Frampton Cotterell, to Charles Frederick Chappell, farm labourer, and Annie Chappell, formerly Timbrell. Annie died when Jesse was very young and he was brought up by his eldest sister Bess. He was known by his birth family as Jesse, but his family by marriage always called him Bill. He was shot in the neck at the latter end of the second world war and demobbed (that British for discharged) in Dec. 1948. He served in India from Feb. 1929 to Feb. 1935. After demob he went into the GPO (Government Post Office) where he remained until 1972 when he retired due to ill health. He married Martha Smart Cuthbertson when he was stationed at Fenham Barracks in Newcastle Upon Tyne and that was where they eventually settled. They had two sons, William Robert and Kenneth Reginald (died 1985 aged 42) and two daughters, Nancy Elizabeth and Shirley Rose. He died on 4th June 1974 at age 66.

We have letters he wrote from India to his Uncle Jesse dated August 14, 1930 and October 23, 1930.