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Chappell Family Ancestry

William and Isa Ardrey

Ardrey Family Record

William Greening Ardrey Family Record

William Greening Ardrey was born May 1, 1842 and died December 19, 1909.

Bill and Isa Marriage Certificate

Bill Ardrey and Isa Liter Marriage Certificate

William Greening Ardrey and Isa Margaret Virginia Liter were married November 22, 1885. Isa was William's second wife, and died in 1957. His first wife, Charity C. Turley, was born July 25, 1849 and died April 23, 1884, after bearing six children with William.

Close inspection reveals that the certificate is preprinted "In the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and ___________" but with "1885" handwritten in the blank. It seems unlikely they preprinted certificates for 20th century marriages back in 1885. This certificate is an "heirloom memorial", likely filled in by a family member several years after the fact.

Isa Ardrey

Willie and Isa Liter?
Clifton and Elreda Ardrey?

We have at least two copies of this photo. According to one source, the subjects are Willie Liter and Isa Margaret Virginia Liter. According to another source, the subjects are Joseph Clifton Ardrey and Pansey Elreda Ardrey. Personally, I think she looks like Pansy Elreda. According to another source, Willie Liter came down with a kidney infection, went crazy, set the house on fire, and later died at home.

Ardrey Photo

"Grandmother" Ardrey. Date unknown.

Isa Margaret Virginia Liter was born April 29, 1867.

Grandmother Isa

"Grandmother" Isa with great-grandson, Jeffrey Chappell.
Probably 1953.