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Charles (Charlie) Frederick Chappell

Charlie Obituary

This obituary was provided by our newly discovered second cousin, Shirley Lewis, from among memorabilia of her father, Jesse W. Chappell, one of Charlie's sons. Although the name is misspelled, that is apparently how they pronounce it over there. Charlie's other sons Fred and Harry were present. Mrs. Boulton is Bessie. Mrs. Timbrill is, we think, Ellen (a/k/a Nell) Chappell. Mrs. Hopkins would be Emily/Emiline/Emma (actual name not yet established), a/k/a Em, Chappell. George Clark was Jesse Ezra Chappell's step-father (married to Jesse's and Charlie's mother Charlotte). Frank Clark was George's son, or maybe grandson. So far, we don't know who the other mourners were.