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Sarah Georgina Chappell

Handwriting on the back: "Latteridge, Jan. 9th, 1916. My dear Brother and Sister, What do you think of my grandchildren and myself. Love from your Sister Sarah"

Sarah was married to George Milsom. On their marriage certificate, Sarah's father was listed as Isaac Hopkins Chappell (deceased). However, there seem to be no records of any such person, and the name may have been fictitious. George and Sarah had three children: Henry (a/k/a Harry) George Milsom, Reginald Joseph Milsom, and Ann Milsom. They are mentioned in this 1919 letter from Sarah to Jesse Ezra Chappell. The grandchildren in the picture are the first three of Reginald's nine children: Annie May Milsom on the left, Ethel Florence Milsom on the right, and Reginald G. J. Milsom in the front. This information came to us courtesy of Adrian Sheppard. Unfortunately, the Sheppard family website he once maintained seems to have disappeared from the 'net.

We believe this to be a photo of Sarah and her husband, George Reginald Milsom, probably with their first born, Henry (a/k/a Harry) George Milsom who was born Jan. 2, 1882, barely six years after Sarah's brother, Jesse Ezra Chappell, was born. Sarah would be about 22 years of age in this photo. Harry Milsom is mentioned by Charlotte in a 1914 letter she wrote to Jesse.

Sarah's son, Reginald Joseph Milsom and his wife, Agnes Florence Ettree. These are the parents of the three grandchildren with Sarah in the photo at top. Reginald Milsom, born on 22 Feb. 1885, and David Chappell, born 10 Aug. 1925, would be first cousins, though born 40 years apart. This photo was provided courtesy of Adrian Sheppard; it was given to him by his Grand Aunt, Annie May Milsom (seen in the photo at top with Adrian's grandmother, Ethel Florence Milsom), in 2000 shortly before she passed away.

Undated photo of Sarah.