Yup, It’s Winter and All

First snow Wednesday – big flakes mixed with rain and blowing almost horizontally. Time to pay the piper for the previous couple weeks of abnormally warm weather. It was quite perfect for quite a while. Hoping for something dry and better than bone-chilling this weekend as I need to change the oil in Becky’s car. Also need to decide about the van. Poor thing sitting out there with dead battery, almost flat tire, rusting away in the driveway. Thing is, once in a while it’s nice to have, like last spring when we rented the tiller for the garden.

At least one spammer has been throwing comments garbage at the blog, so comments are turned off on most older articles.

Yesterday Norton Internet Security decided its firewall would no longer allow smtp (email) to/from my laptop. That took five or six hours to deal with. There’s no manual configuration for firewall settings other than rules that the user has added. Of course, I never added any rules to block email. Finally found a little page on their website with a 54kb download to restore default settings, which took care of it around 2:00 a.m. last night. Good ol’ Norton.

Okay, I’m off to the neurologist for nerve conductivity testing. This is like acupuncture but larger needles, through which electricity is fired and measured, at umpteen body locations. A lot like putting an ohmeter on a circuit. I’ll surely be in quite a zen-like state later today.

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