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No Stinkin’ Badges

March 9, 2008

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Treasure of the Sierra MadreThe Douglas County Law Library has a film series, presents a movie at the public library every couple of months about a trial or something of legal interest. I plug them with announcements on the Bar Association website. Recently, the feature was In Cold Blood, one of the stars of which is Robert Blake. He was a “Little Rascal” and was the kid who sold Humphrey Bogart the lottery ticket in Treasure of the Sierra Madre. I wanted to quote his line from the movie. I thought it was something like “Hey Mister, you wanna buy a ticket?” but I didn’t want to get it wrong. So, I was researching it (I never found it) and ended up at You Tube watching the infamous “No Stinkin’ Badges” scene. Figured I was obliged to share it with the family. Enjoy.

Mothers Day and More

Mothers Day RosesUsually, when I get home from the office, Becky is pretty much knocked out from another day on the house clutter project. This involves hauling out boxes full of accumulated stuff, going through it, deciding what’s to be trashed and what’s to be kept. It’s tough work, and takes a toll on Becky by the end of the day. The Friday before Mother’s Day, though, I got home from the office, and coming up the stairs was greeted by my sweetie, all animated with sparkling eyes and big smile, saying “Look what the kids sent me!”

The following weekend we visited Evelyn at the nursing home in Wellsville for a Mothers Day Muffin Party. Jeff and Paula were there, as well. Evelyn was pretty happy to see everybody. I skipped the muffins, but I heard they were good.

This weekend was perfect weather and we spent part of it doing yard work.

So, check out the Flickr account for Mother’s Day photos, New Year kiss photos, a birthday photo, and a couple hotties doing yard work. You can see them as a slide presentation if you want. :jesors1:

Cone Beef In Cribbage

March 17, 2007

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Sat in dis ‘ere e-z-chair all day wid da laptop in da lap doin’ varies www thangs whilst watchin’ baskitbull, cajunly takin’ a brake fer yurnary reeleaf an’ din ‘roun’ seben thutty dis eebnin Becky sez “It’s reddy!” so’s ah ups ‘n’ heds fer da kitchin and seez dis crackpot o’ stuff on da stobe ‘n’ takes da lid off ‘n’ Lordy! It’s cone beef in cribbage!!! Ah duzn’t know an’ hazn’t got no idee how da hole day goes by-n-by ‘n’ ah don’t smells it, but dats zackly what happen an’ it ain’t no lye! But, sho wuz good, an’ datz sayn a mouf full! Dat cone beef in cribbage. Mmm-mm!

Um, is dat be plitikly inkrekt? :nono: Twarn’t tensional, but ef’n so den, so solly! :conicalhat:

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