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Tales of the Intrepid Mouse Hunter

So this morning Becky went downstairs to let Cinnamon out for her morning business, and the big 40 pound bag of dogfood shook and made noises and scared the bejeebers out of her. Mouse inside. Or maybe jumping off. Whatever. Becky didn’t like it. Tonight I went down and set out five standard traps and four boxes of d-Con at strategic locations where Cinnamon couldn’t get at them. Just made it back up to the top of the stairs when Clack! Score one for Mouse Hunter.

Lest anyone decry the senseless and inhumane slaughter of these cute little denizens of God’s kingdom, let me just say that we had no takers on the ads we ran during the last invasion, seeking sensitive mouse catchers to collect them up in a humane and painless fashion and relocate them to an environmentally friendly habitat. All we succeeded in doing was generating a heated debate about whether it was humane to abandon domesticated mice in a natural habitat where, deprived through no fault of their own of normal development of defensive behaviors, they would fall easy and unsportsmanlike prey to predators if, indeed, they did not starve first for want of foraging skills in a non-man-made domain. Who knows how long the picketing factions would have scowled and hurled epithets at each other on Lazy Brook Lane if the fellow down on Brush Creek hadn’t been spotted gouging into the gopher runs in his back yard, pitch fork in one hand and baseball bat in the other. Apparently, skewered and battered gopher is more tantalizing than garroted mouse.

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Time for a Ride

August 6, 2004

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Heck, not much to report. Hate to keep talking about the weather, but it looks like we’ve left stupid hot behind for a few days. They’re predicting near record low tonight, and 80’s for foreseeable daytimes. Maybe I should try to get the gas tank back on the Honda 360 and take Becky for an anniversary ride Saturday. :moped: Top down on Miata, at least! Let’s see, this’ll be 33 years! :heartbeat: Incredible. She hardly even looks that old, much less married that long!

I was about resigned to Kerry, but now his theory seems to be I should vote for him ’cause he’s a war hero. He’s played it up to the point I’m ready to puke. Whether he’s a hero seems to depend on what the definition of “hero” is. Or maybe what the definition of “is” is.

I wish either one of them could talk as good as Bubba. Regardless of all else, Bill had a gift of gab. A few reporters actually had the gumption to suggest he was the high point of the convention. I thought so. I’d take him over Kerry. Or Bush, for that matter. How depressing is that?

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Fiction, or Stranger Than Fiction?

All good Chappells are already be familiar with it, but everyone else should be sure to check out the 2004 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Results.

And this little flash animation is topical in light of an earlier article wherein I sought relevancy by means of discourse on current events and life in the USA. Most of the other animations there are amusing, as well. This seems to be a collection of animated editorial cartoons. There’s something you can’t get in your local newspaper!

And, finally, in keeping with the foregoing, take a look at this preview of what’s coming (also requires Flash player).

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