Alice in Oz

June 13, 2004


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The good old Kansas weather got roiled up last night. Here in Lawrence we had a few episodes of mighty strong wind, but hardly any rain, no hail, and no tornado. However, another transformer exploded and this one took out our electricity a little before 10:00. We lit up the candles and oil lamps, but it wasn’t quite enough to read by and we didn’t feel like scrabble. So, I put the Alice in Wonderland DVD in the laptop and we watched the movie. I had forgotten what a paronomasiac’s delight it is. We retired around 12:30 with the electricity still off. It was on this morning when we got up. CNN was showing spectacular film of tornadoes that hit elsewhere in the state.

Touched base by phone with Miles who had a laparoscopic appendectomy yesterday afternoon in Santa Cruz. From the story, it sounded like another case of the patient having to assert himself to get proper care. I’m totally convinced that in the world of today’s medical care, the patient is mostly just at the mercy of old fashioned dumb luck. I’ll be seeing my doc tomorrow afternoon to hear about results of tests on four or five tubes of blood they drew last week. I’ll be seeing another doc next month and he’ll want more blood. I tried to get them to draw enough last week for everybody’s tests, but they wouldn’t do it.

Yesterday afternoon we tried out the new On the Border restaurant. It was okay but not a winner. And they don’t have root beer. “The closest we have is Dr. Pepper.” We won’t be abandoning Carlos O’Kelly’s, El Mezcal or La Parrilla.


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