Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s Day was great. Stephen and Kimberly both called, and I called my dad. Also talked to brother Jeffrey, which wasn’t relevant to Father’s Day, but it was a good discussion. He gave a Father’s Day concert at the National Gallery of Art.

Becky mowed most of the yard for me Saturday. I think I mentioned before that she gets a kick out of the new self-propelled mower. I did a little patch of it, and trimmed a bunch of branches out of the apple tree, particularly, the ones hanging over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. Cinnamon had caught another rabbit recently. This time she tried to bury it intead of eating it. Hard to believe at her age she can still chase down rabbits. Becky discovered the carcass and, notwithstanding Father’s Day, I got assigned the rabbit disposal duty.

Becky and I checked out the new Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner Saturday. We had to wait for seating. There was a big bearded fellah waiting on the bench across from us, his shorts split in the crotch and no underwear. The people next to us couldn’t handle the view and moved off. I decided to tell him about it, and he appreciated the heads up, so to speak. Once we got seated the service was good and the food was excellent. I had a fine ribeye with sauteed onions and mushrooms.

This weekend was the first Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival at Clinton Lake west of town. It was a four-day 70 band three stages event that started last Thursday. Downtown Lawrence looked like a throw-back to the sixties. A whole lot of people came from a whole lot of places for the festival, a lot of them dressed in “Woodstock” costumes. The main difference I noticed in the appearance of festival goers from similar events of the sixties was a lot more tattoos and body piercings. The campers got rained on somewhat Thursday night and Friday night, but daytimes weren’t bad. Saturday and Sunday brought excellent weather, unseasonably cool, actually.


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