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July 23, 2004


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I happened across a couple of freeware programs recently: KeyNote and Oubliette, both available at Tranglos Software. KeyNote is for taking notes but has a myriad of features for organizing them in outlines or trees (like a directory structure on your computer). And the file can be encrypted, requiring a password to open. I was attracted to it partly because I have a text file that contains all my login information and passwords for all the websites I visit that require a login with password, like web hosts, banks, credit cards; as well as certain news sites, forums, etc. It was getting a bit unwieldy. KeyNote is ideal for this. It might also replace the ATnotes “sticky note” program that I’ve been using for several years. Not sure about that yet. When I downloaded KeyNote, I noticed Oubliette, which is strictly a password manager. It stores everything in an encrypted file, of course, which requires a password to open, and it appears to be well organized. Both of these are only available for Windows 98 through XP. Also available at the same site is KookieJar, which generates random signatures for your email. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds fun.

I recently installed SpyBot and BHODemon. SpyBot searches for spyware, Demon searches for sneaky “browser helper” programs that unscrupulous websites and certain kinds of freeware programs (especially P2P) surreptitiously install on your computer. So far, though, they haven’t flagged anything bad on my computers except a few advertising related cookies. I’ve also been using Ad-Aware for a quite a while.

MailWasher was a good anti-spam program but I think they’ve strayed a bit from the freeware concept. I’m still using an earlier version, though, which continues to work well although it’s less necessary as email programs themselves keep improving their anti-spam measures. My filtering rules in both Pegasus and Eudora are catching over 90%, I’d say.

So, those are my thoughts for the day about PC stuff. Was originally just going to endorse KeyNote, but one thing sort of led to another.


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