Mt. Vesuvius Downstairs

March 11, 2015


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Last night as I was about to crawl into bed I heard a loud whooshing noise that sounded like the flame on either the furnace or water heater was mighty excessive. Went downstairs to investigate and, after stepping into water about three inches deep, discovered the water heater had gone Vesuvius and was blowing water out the top where it’s only supposed to be venting carbon monoxide from burning gas. Shut off the water and woke Becky up to tell her the news. We then spent until 4:00 a.m. or so “sweeping” water with push brooms all the way out through the garage to the driveway. The floor drain, which is right next to the water heater, was clogged up, of course. Then I had to go to Walmart and buy towels and mops to soak up more water. The worst part was moving all the boxes and junk out of the water. Today, besides really sore backs, we have a spankin’ new water heater next to the spankin’ new furnace we had to buy in September. After the guy installed the new heater I ran out and stopped him as he was pulling out of the driveway to tell him I thought I smelled gas. He wasn’t thrilled about coming back in but, indeed, he found a leak. So I was glad I stayed home with Becky to “supervise” the repairs instead of going to the office.

P1060437_2015-02-28 Was sunny and 70 degrees today. “Normal” people who didn’t go to the office today went to the golf course. Hard to believe this was less than two weeks ago.




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