Tempus Fugit

August 26, 2018

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While authoring a family email it came to my attention I hadn’t posted anything here for over a year. The post a year ago wasn’t much, either. It and the few preceding it were just status reports about the website re-design project whose goal was to provide a “mobile friendly” experience for the few, the very few, visitors to the family website. It was a project of virtually no value to the internet at large, and very little more than that to any other audience. It really came down to a matter of satisfying myself, which I would have to admit has been pretty much the only motivation for it since shortly after it made its appearance around two decades ago. The Whois service reports it was created on November 5, 2004, but that’s just the date I registered our domain. As I recall, the website was up by the late ’90’s, with the URL being a subdirectory of whatever ISP I had at the time. I could be wrong. Time starts getting fuzzy for me starting around 1994, a year that hosted multiple seminal events in my life.

It turns out this blog kind of makes up for failing to keep a diary. Many, possibly most, of my postings to it don’t yield particularly useful or valuable information to anybody other than me, though I must have thought at the time they would interest others. Now that I find myself overcoming the crest of the last slope on the roller coaster of life, accelerating at a stage when I wish to hell there was a brake, I seem to find some comfort glancing randomly at  entries herein, seeing things I thought worthwhile to record, and recalling additional associated memories. One could assert that a record such as this was done for posterity, but it’s presumptuous to believe posterity would find the tale engaging or useful. So, I’ll admit it’s for my benefit, revisiting earlier times and finding in them some events, even accomplishments, that raise a smile.

For those motivated to look there are footprints to be found evidencing my tenure in the world. There are a few recorded judicial decisions to my credit, a few people whose lives I was instrumental in making better, a few wrongs I was key in turning right, some justice I was able to call forth, and so on. Of course, there are a couple of fine offspring that totally make the case for having done something worthwhile during my time on the planet. I may have contributed more carbon monoxide to the atmosphere than was absolutely necessary, enjoying the internal combustion engine as I did, but I won’t apologize. After all, I generally kept it to four cylinders. But, with the end of the ride now in sight without the aid of much imagination, I’m glad to be able to click through the missives found here and re-visit little details that are also part of the fabric I wove along the way.

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Updated Dave’s Planes

August 3, 2017


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Finally managed to update Dave’s Planes and Cars page to be “responsive” to various devices, particularly, to make it “mobile friendly”. Might still be some glitches, but I went ahead and uploaded the new page.


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More Re-Design Progress

April 29, 2017

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More updated pages have come online in pursuit of making the Chappell Family website “mobile-friendly“. Practically every page that has a link on the Ancestry page has now been updated. I’ve applied a new “responsive” theme to the blog. Its appearance isn’t too far off from the basic design of the website, but as time goes by I expect I’ll tweak it or possibly design an all-new theme. The one now in use is a free pre-fab theme I downloaded from WordPress and then customized a bit. Some sections of the website haven’t been tackled yet, and I’ve noticed a number of broken links. This is quite a project. Does anybody remember when our website was launched? The domain name chappells.biz was registered in 2003, chappells.us in 2004. The Chappell Family Blog saw its first post on March 30, 2004. The original idea was for it to be a place for family members to share news and photos. It was ahead of its time, pre-dating Facebook by several years. But, it didn’t quite catch on like Facebook did.

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