Tornado Alley

After a mild sunny day we spent most of the evening watching the TV meteorologists on most every channel with their radar displays and other visual aids showing where the dangerous storms were. They appeared to be on us and all around us but, luckily, they were just all around us. Got buckets of rain and lots of lightning, but not much wind or hail. The tornadoes went north and south of us. We did, however, at one point prepare the downstairs closet under the steps for hasty retreat, just in case. It was, I think, May 8 last year when the twister hit a few blocks away. Ahh, life in Tornado Alley! Such a thrill.

And then as I lay in bed reading at 1:00 a.m. there was a huge bang and the back yard lit up like a flare had gone off. That got the adrenalin going! Obviously a transformer, but not one affecting us, as our power was on. Looking out the window, I could see the pole next door, shooting fire and sparks into the air, and into the trees. Like one of those Fourth of July fountains, with roman candles in it. Kinda cool, actually, but obviously hazardous. So I called the police, and then went next door to see if anybody was home. They were, and had already called. Then the police roared up with lights flashing in front of our house, so I pointed them next door. Then the fire truck roared up with lights flashing in front of our house, and I pointed them next door. Then I went back to bed.


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WordPress 1.2

May 22, 2004


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WordPress version 1.2 was finally released this weekend. I’ve upgraded the blog to the final release. I’ve been testing the betas and release candidates on the home computer along the way, and things seem to work okay there. The “save and continue” feature is now working, so that people can preview what their post will look like before they actually post it. I’m sure that this has been a much desired feature among family members.

– JC – :jesors1:

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Some Geiss Relatives

May 16, 2004


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Here we have Becky’s sister, Judy and her daughter Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s baby, Joseph. Then we have Becky’s sister, Sherri and her daughters, Katie and Cassie. Becky took this picture yesterday at Sherri’s home in Kansas City.Judy, Joseph, Elizabeth, Sherri, Katie and Cassie
This is Sherri’s other daughter, Karina, age 8. Karina, legally, is Sherri’s stepsister, since Sherri’s stepmother, Louise, adopted Karina. Louise married George (Becky, Judy and Sherri’s father) after he divorced their mother, Evelyn. George died in 1993. Evelyn lives in Ottawa, Kansas. Louise lives in Utah.Karina

And today, I not only mowed the darn yard, but also changed the oil in the Miata and the Saturn. It was a very nice day, weather-wise. Sat out back in the lawn chair between chores and blew a few tunes on the harp!

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