April 26, 2004


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Fired up the van (Steve & Kim will grasp the significance of that) and drove it to Ottawa, Kansas Sunday where we picked up a stove, storage cabinet and, most importantly, antique Singer sewing machine from Becky’s mom’s house. This is a foot-powered Singer, weighs a ton, with some very colorful painted decorations of the sort not seen on any kind of consumer goods for decades. The cabinet could use a little restoration, but Becky is quite pleased. Maybe later I can add a picture of it here.

The dandelions were rampant and about a foot high and I would’ve fired up the lawn mower but the splint that holds the handle together (Steve & Kim will know what I’m talking about) broke (again), so I paid the kid next door (Steve & Kim will appreciate the irony) $20 to mow the yard. He earned it. 😉

I’m noticing a couple of bugs in the blog program, so sometime soon I’m going to upgrade several of the files, which hopefully will not result in changes visible to anybody but me, or it might crash the blog for awhile. If so, and if anybody even notices, bear with me and I’ll get it working again sooner or later.

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Home Again Home Again

Wow. So after ten years of averaging less than a trip per year back to Kansas, there’s a very good chance I will be returning 3 times this year. May, July, and September. Why? you ask. I’m asking myself the same question, but there was the coincidental convergence of a friend’s graduation from law school, my ten year high school reunion (why they planned this for July, of all times, I will never understand), and finding a girlfriend I’m excited about introducing to my parents and best friends in the midwest. Anyway, that’s all for now – I’ll post trip updates here as they happen.

Jiggety jig.

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Tim & Wendy

Saturday Becky and I ventured to Manhattan, Kansas for the wedding of Tim Bunch and Wendy Lynn. Tim is the son of Patty and Tom Bunch who live in Ottawa, Kansas. Patty is Becky’s best and longest friend from grade school. It was a beautiful Kansas spring day, including wind that buffeted cars during the hour and a half trip along Highway 70. I took a bunch of photos with the Canon A-70, and the ones that turned out are viewable here.

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