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Famly Calendar

July 23, 2006

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One of my projects for the day was launching the Chappell Famly Calendar. Google launched its Calendar feature a few weeks ago, touting it as useful for groups such as clubs, teams, organizations, etc. It immediately struck me as holding great potential for families. We’ll see. I fear it may turn out to be about as popular as the famly blog. However, for those who already have a Google account, such as Gmail, and who already have their own Google Calendars, this synchronizes very nicely. Although I’ve been playing around a bit with my own Google Calendar, I haven’t actually adopted it as my main calendar, yet. I can see, though, that I might eventually do so. Besides sending “alerts” of upcoming events via email, it can also send text messages via cell phone. I gotta say, those Google folks are going places. I may even switch from Yahoo go Google for my browser default home page. Maybe it’s not actually too late to buy stock and still see impessive gains. However, if I buy their stock, it will be the kiss of death.

Speaking of browsers, I’ve been using the Avant browser a lot lately. It runs off the Internet Explorer engine, but has features that give Firefox a run for the money (it’s free, BTW). If nothing else, it seems to me to be a bit faster than Firefox.

And speaking of genealogy, there haven’t been any developments along that line for some time now. Hmm. Mayhaps I should renew contact with a few of those newfound relatives that cropped up a while back.

New Ancestry Info

September 5, 2005

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Quite a bit of new ancestry info has been added to the Chappells Ancestry section of the website. This was instigated by the contact from Adrian Sheppard who provided data which verified that Jesse E. Chappell did, indeed, have an older sister, Sarah. Adrian was kind enough to provide some documentation and, spurred on by this, I got out my file and added a few more items out of it to the site, including a birth certificate for Jesse and a couple of letters from Bessie. I also did some revamping of a few pages. Overall, it’s been kind of an exciting genealogy week. The great mystery remains, however: Who was Jesse’s father? :scratchin:

No News

March 30, 2004


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Nothing new on the genealogy front. I’ll let everyone know if new information comes to light. Meanwhile, I made a few cosmetic changes (hopefully improvements) to the page displays and navigation.

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