Spring Freeze

April 4, 2020

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A very senior neighbor up the street services and rebuilds lawn mowers. He fixed mine last year when the starter rope disappeared. I had him service it for the upcoming mowing season last weekend, and yesterday gave it a test and mowed the back yard. Some of the grass and weeds were six inches high or more. The old line between “home” and “office” has been wiped away thanks to the virus. I should probably make a work schedule. And then today we awoke to a return of winter, as evidenced by the icicles on the mailbox. There were predictions of freezing rain and drizzle, which mostly didn’t materialize. Temperature was 30 with a wind chill of 19. Since the roads weren’t too slick I made a run downtown to the post office for mail and my office to get a few more things to bring home, but otherwise did office work inside. Sometime the next few days will bring back sunshine and spring, I think. Ah, Kansas. Love it? Leave it? Nah, just tolerate it.

OMG 10

February 13, 2020

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It’s 3:00 a.m. and I have just woke up to, and from, a dream. More about that later but, OMG, it’s 10 degrees! Fortunately, that’s outside, whereas the dream was inside. I don’t know what the temperature is inside; probably somewhere between 65 and 70. What’s not inside, as far as I can tell, is the large black dog that was inside in the dream that I dreamed I had awakened from, And Becky is not handing me the hammer she was handing me in the dream I awoke from, before I actually awoke from it. In the dream, I managed to un-paralyze myself from stark fear, to investigate the noise in the hall and the dark shadow I was barely able to make out as it snuck into the bedroom across the hall. Mustering enough courage to get out of bed, in the dream, with hammer in hand I entered the bedroom, it not occurring to me to turn on the light, where I found the beast up on the raised bed of our child. I struck, in the dream, casting the animal to the floor, whence it then ran down the hallway and down the stairs, myself in pursuit until nearly to the basement. I stopped, wondering who or what awaited me in the darkness there, it still not occurring to me to turn on a light. Expecting to have to deal with a human intruder, myself armed only with a hammer, I began to rush headlong into the unknown, whereupon I awoke, actually, from the dream. I listened. And then I checked if Becky were awake, holding a hammer for me to take. She was peacefully asleep, though snoring gently. So I picked up my phone from the nightstand and checked the temperature. OMG, 10 degrees! Wait! What’s that noise in the hall?

UPDATE: Worked at home today. Now 6:00 p.m. and the temp is 8 degrees according to TV weather. Wind chill -3 as the wind speed has dropped a lot. He says 2 degrees tomorrow morning. I went out to get the newspaper this morning. When you’d exhale and see your breath it would freeze in the air and fall to the ground making weird popping noises when it hit.

‘s Winter

January 11, 2020


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Oh boy! 6:00 a.m. and it’s 18° with 20 mph wind and feels like 3° and there’s ice covering the driveway and street, with snow to start at dawn, 3 inches or so predicted by noon when temp will climb to a balmy 20°. Well, as they say, it could be worse, like if the power goes out. Reckon I’ll toss some ice melt on the driveway before it snows and watch the KU basketball game, assuming we have electricity.

UPDATE: Threw some ice melt on about the first one-fourth of the driveway and then waited for snow. It came to the extent of about three inches. Neighbor Justin then showed up with his snowblower (he called it his “new toy”) and got rid of the snow, exposing the ice beneath so I spread more ice melt on the rest of the driveway. Still cold as the dickens. And KU lost. At night after went to bed the wind was blowing and neighbor Alan’s tree branches were rubbing on the power line which connects to house just outside the bedroom window and it made spooky noise that kept me awake but not Becky. It made me think of all the other things I haven’t gotten done with this freakin’ house.

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