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Snow, Snow, Rain, Whatever

February 28, 2011

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Since the last post, we had a couple more snows, some sleet and freezing rain, and yesterday rain with thunder ‘n’ lightning. There was actual sunshine today, but still cold and, combined with the wind, the sunshine was kind of misleading.

I remember the weather last Thursday because that’s the day I had an appointment with the retina specialist over in Kansas City. We were concerned enough about getting stuck in K.C. due to frozen roads that we took overnight bags along with us. It was just starting to turn to sleet when we left the doctor’s office around 3:00. We got back to Lawrence on merely wet roads. However, the K.C. folks who hit the roads and highways for rush hour weren’t so lucky. They went sliding into each other and off the roads right and left.

I was at the retina doc because I had this “after image” as if somebody had flashed a penlight in front of my face, except nobody had. What the doc found was a retinal hemorrhage. This was the same eye that had the torn retina three years ago. The doc did a retinal angiogram (who knew of such a thing?) to see if the hemorrhage was still hemorrhaging; it wasn’t. He said it should clear up and sent us on our way, into the weather. It still hasn’t gone away (the retinal hemorrhage – the weather went away as noted above). I understood it wouldn’t be an overnight thing. After all, it had been a couple of weeks since I first noticed it. Y’know, it occurs to me if I would’ve seen him the day I first noticed it, it might’ve still been leaking and he might’ve done something drastic like zapping it with a lazer (laser?). Hmm.

I wonder. Over the past few years it seems like there’ve been al lot of things where procrastination worked out fine. It’s like the better course of action is to do nothing and let the problem go away on its own. This seems like a risky proposition. On the other hand, there’s risk in action. I guess you just never know for sure except in hindsight.

A hindsight viewer. Whoever can invent that should get rich, I’d think. I expect some people would say life would be boring if you could always see how something is going to turn out; the thrill and excitement of making choices in the face of the unknown making life worth living. Bullshit to that, is my thought.

And on that note, I think I’ve procrastinated enough at your expense and I should turn my attention to some of the work I’ve been putting off.


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Technology and Efficiency

Yeah, I know, I should write something about Christmas and New Year, but I ain’t got time right now. I really need to use my time more efficiently. This was supposed to be something technology was going to do for us. But, as I often lament, technology (computers, in particular) seems to rob me of more time than it saves me. Which is why I particularly enjoyed this cartoon.

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Beware Email Address Theft

BEWARE, people. Some jerk (or maybe just idiot if allowed the benefit of the doubt) has been using, and trying to hijack, my bandolero email address. He’s been using it as the “contact email” for accounts he creates on unsavory (though some would say titillating) “social” websites, and also when ordering “toys” from advertisers on such websites and other online sellers. He’s also been trying to get Gmail to give him my password by means of the “I forgot my password” link. He’s also stupid, as I have acquired his name and address, and even had a look at his house from street level courtesy of google maps.

But here’s the warning: on some sites where he set up such accounts, his profile included links to my FaceBook and MySpace pages, where my bandolero address is supposedly only visible to “friends” and “friends of friends” according to my privacy settings. Whether there is more sharing among social sites than they let on, or more hacking between them than they’d care to admit, I don’t know. But, it was somewhat surprising to see my FaceBook photo and Gmail photo (he’s apparently uglier than I am though claiming to be only 40) next to photos of his (or should I say “my”?) admirers that were, well…, I’ll just say I’d have preferred seeing pictures that at least aspired to Playboy standards.

Okay, okay, I know what you’re dying to say, but don’t, I’m serious here. A couple of security newsletters I get have recently warned against FaceBook and Twitter accounts. I border on paranoid when it comes to guarding “personal information” but the focus is usually on things like account numbers, SSNs, passwords, etc. Theft of one’s email address used to mean seeing it forged on a gazillion spams. But now we also need to think about how much personal info somebody can get and use to our detriment by stealing just our email addresses, even without stealing our email accounts.

Think about it, and be prudent. I don’t think I’m ready yet to abandon FaceBook and LinkedIn, though I should’ve ditched MySpace a long time ago. On the other hand, I’m beginning to think again about or something like it as a better vehicle for sharing things we’d really like to share but which it would behoove us to protect.

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