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You Park Like An Asshole

You can download printable “tickets” to leave on their windshields, from this website. You can also upload photos of them. :cop:

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No Stinkin’ Badges

March 9, 2008

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Treasure of the Sierra MadreThe Douglas County Law Library has a film series, presents a movie at the public library every couple of months about a trial or something of legal interest. I plug them with announcements on the Bar Association website. Recently, the feature was In Cold Blood, one of the stars of which is Robert Blake. He was a “Little Rascal” and was the kid who sold Humphrey Bogart the lottery ticket in Treasure of the Sierra Madre. I wanted to quote his line from the movie. I thought it was something like “Hey Mister, you wanna buy a ticket?” but I didn’t want to get it wrong. So, I was researching it (I never found it) and ended up at You Tube watching the infamous “No Stinkin’ Badges” scene. Figured I was obliged to share it with the family. Enjoy.

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Got up too early this morning

The trainer said, “I’ll put you through your pesos for 15 pounds.” I said, “Eurovercharging me.” He said, “I never want to C-note you a yen.” What is all this noncents?

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