Fall Has Fell

Seems like there just hasn’t been much to write about, even though we’ve been through a heck of an election. Looks like we’re keeping Tweedle-Dum, after all. Those of us who make our living from oil are generally okay with that. I thought he’d lose. Maybe he’ll be better in his second term. Knock on wood.

Cinnamon still looks at you cockeyed. She reminds me of the RCA Victor dog, which is before the time of many people here. She falls over occasionally when distracted or over-excited. Still won’t eat her original Science Diet dry food. I got a bag of “tiny bites” Science Diet, which she’ll eat if soaked with water and topped with some of the canned glop. Changed from Pedigree to Science Diet canned, which has helped immensely with the gas problem.

Pretty much finished the Douglas County Bar Association website. A nice feature is the forum, which uses phpBB. However, I think the lawyers here are techno-phobes. Despite a mass email announcement about the site, hardly any of them have visited it. The forum is something I’d been thinking about for the Chappells site. But I think it would suffer the same fate as the lawyers forum.

Nice weather this weekend, but Becky came down with a cold. I think she’s trying to get it out of the way before Christmas. I was pretty much on the computer all day Saturday, doing various things ranging from finances to clients to website stuff; I didn’t check on plane tickets yet. Today I’m sharing Becky’s cold. I sent a family email about chappells.us which can be used instead of chappells.biz which still works, as well. I thought it would work for email, too, but apparently not, as the one I sent to john@chappells.us failed.

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