Shaking Things Up (a little)

September 3, 2016

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Pawnee _Oklahoma_Quake
Some of us in Lawrence felt the earthquake centered near Pawnee, Oklahoma, about 250 miles away, a little after 7:00 (CDT) this morning. I was in the kitchen and didn’t feel it. I heard what sounded like small hail or big water drops hitting the roof and the metal vent pipes up there. This seemed strange, as the sun was mostly shining, hardly any clouds. I looked outside and there were no water spots or hailstones on the pavement. While pondering this and wondering if I was really awake, Becky came in and asked if we just had an earthquake, because she felt the bed shaking. I turned on the local radio station, which was broadcasting from the farmer’s market, and reports were coming in from people who said they felt an earthquake. The folks at the farmer’s market didn’t feel it, though. After listening to more of the callers, it sounded like most of the people who felt it were in their beds; people who were up mostly noticed ceiling fans moving back and forth, or things on wall shelves rattling. Apparently, bedsprings help transmit the quake motion to a body lying on it. As for myself, I decided the quake had shaken the cottonwood tree enough to cause a bunch of cottonwood nuts to fall out onto the roof. As the day wore on, I forgot to go out and confirm this hypothesis. I know, cottonwoods don’t have nuts (do they?) so it would’ve been dead branches or something. Hey, the squirrels have started hoarding for winter, so it coulda been nuts, or acorns!

It was a beautiful day, but we didn’t get out to enjoy it, as we both felt like shit. I puked up my breakfast and morning pharmaceuticals, and Becky’s neck and back hurt too bad to do anything. So it goes at the old folks’ home.

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